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Wood carvings

Draw, engrave, draw, show

Juliette ébouie, matrice
Kids revolution, matrice
L’immeuble, 13cm x 18cm
Les grands arbres, 13cm x 18cm
Oscar à la poule, 13cm x 18cm
Eve Seve
Summer spirit, 2020, 21cm x 30cm
La salle des ventes, 2020, 21cm x 30cm
Juliette au chapeau, 2020, 21cm x 30cm
Le nez au vent
Edouard jambes croisées, 2020, 13cm x 18cm
L,Age d’Or du Layet, détail
Les yeux noirs, 2020, 13cmx18cm
Les yeux ouverts, 60 cm x 42 cm
Les Cordeliers, 2020, 13cm x 18cm
Déconfinement, 24cm x 30cm
Juliette éblouie, 2020, 15cm x 21cm
Joséphine en contre jour, 2020, 14cm x 21cm
Joséphine au masque, 2020, 14cm x 21cm
Juliette au chapeau, 2020, 21cm x 30cm
Bérangère éblouie, 2020, 14cm x 21cm
Prise de terre, 2020, 18cm x13cm
L’ ge d Or du Layet, 100 cm x 100 cm
Derniers dayons
Sur la pointe du Layet, 24cm x 30cm
Caracoller a Carolles
En attendant la vague, 42 cm x 30 cm
Vegetal Octopus, 42cm x 30cm
Le drapeau 30cm x 24cm

I love the economy of means that forces creativity

“At Bertrand, the eye is also invited to travel a road that will get lost in the distance, to stretch with these female bodies that rise, their arms merged with the foliage, as if they wanted to compete with the surrounding trees. The artist is anchored in the soil that is common to us, but he knows how to make us feel the breath of the wind, the torpor of a summer evening and the freshness of a chapel. At home, we have the feeling of a moment captured, as if in suspense”.
Hélène Bonafous-Murat, expert in prints and writers, 2022

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